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Here at The King Academy we love the interactions and relationships that we have with our graduates, this week we had a catch up with Matt from Oven Cleaning Solutions. This has given us the perfect opportunity to recount Matts business journey with him and his first training over 5 years ago.

On leaving school Matt wanted to go out and earn a living, not sure what he wanted to do he ended up with a job in the local abattoir. 11 Years later, despite reaching the top of the food chain so to speak, Matt wanted to take his hard working attitude and create a successful business for himself.

Matt wanted his own business which meant that all the hard work he put in paid him. Looking at a number of business ideas, Matt came across oven cleaning. Matt felt that oven cleaning was an industry that would work well for him; the most natural course for this was the franchise option.  After attending various oven cleaning franchise presentations, and discussing with friends and family Matt realised that the restrictions and ongoing management fees that came with a franchise would not suit him. He was determined to create his own successful brand.

It was then that he came across the OvenKing and the business opportunity with The King Academy. Researching as much as possible into the oven cleaning industry and speaking with Daryl (more than once!), Matt made the life changing decision of investing in his own future with the Start Up Extra package from The King Academy. This package meant that he could begin to build his own business with a tried and tested method.  The startup extra is a great package, the package not only includes the full training programme, but also company branding, business cards and flyers to get you started, but also all the chemicals and equipment. With the company van fitted with equipment and sign written whilst training was being completed.

Ongoing training and support at The King Academy

Matt was fully involved in the creation of his new business, from the business name to the logo and how the signage looked on his van.

Matt was excited to begin his new career and with his training complete it took him just 6 weeks to be earning over £1200 per week! Matt was happy with this result and was operating his business like this for many years. Despite the pressures that covid brought on the world, Matts business was expanding and a new van was ordered.

Matt is a regular in the The King Academy office, an established relationship with Daryl, Jo and other office staff, enable Matt to keep abreast of new oven technology, such as the Neff Hide and Slide oven.

The spoils of working hard !

It’s not just visits to collect his solutions, the last 6 months has included the fitting out of his second van, which has increased the business profits. With 2 vans on the road and demand increasing a third van has been ordered. Keeping it in the family this time, with Matts nephew coming on board.

“This business can be very successful for anybody that is prepared to put the effort in, like anything you get in what you put out.  I won’t turn down work, even though I know that I can take a day off when I want to, if a booking comes it that comes first. During busy days I have cleaned 8 ovens in a day! ”



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