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Why choose an oven cleaning training package?

There are some benefits of being part of an oven cleaning franchise and these are explained by all the other oven cleaning franchise companies out there. These franchises may suit some people, but not everyone.

The King Academy believe that if you are not willing to invest in buying a franchise and don’t wish to participate in a restrictive business model, there shouldn’t be a barrier to enter into the oven cleaning market. Perhaps all the desirable franchises are taken in your area. Maybe you feel the terms and conditions are too limiting, or you want more freedom to run your business how you choose. Or you simply cannot raise the upfront fees the franchiser requires.

However, if the benefits below appeal to you…

  • Earning £1000+ per week
  • No restriction on area or territory
  • No contract restrictions
  • Running and managing your business your way
  • Can be added on to existing business
  • No ongoing management fees

…then training would suit you better than a franchise.

We have actually done a thorough analysis of why owning your business is much more beneficial than buying a franchise. You can see more about that here.

The above video is older and franchise focused, however most of the content is also relevant to our training courses and Start Up packages.

Why should I choose an oven cleaning training course with OvenKing?

OvenKing are an established oven cleaning company, and household name in the counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. With an enviable reputation for workmanship and customer service, we have hundreds of independently verified reviews from satisfied customers.

Many of our customers come back to us time and time again for regular cleans. Combine that with the new customers from the recommendations and our innovative marketing, our fleet of vans is fully booked all year round and still expanding.

Our position isn’t unique either. From research we know demand for oven cleaners is growing all over the UK. Oven cleaning is the ideal self-employed business, with high demand and low overheads for anyone joining the industry. Dedicated time and effort into growing the business can lead to expected earnings of over £1000 per week within the first few months.

Until recently, the only way into the industry has either been by joining a franchise, spending months researching and sourcing suppliers, and on-the-job training by trial and error, which clearly isn’t ideal. From speaking and listening to potential franchisees looking to enter the market, we have found that the usual franchise package isn’t an ideal fit for everybody, which puts many people off from making the leap and joining this lucrative industry.

Oven Cleaning Training Packages

Our oven cleaning training packages in detail

We have split our courses into 3 main categories: Training only, Standard and Premium.

We have done this so as to cover the different needs of our trainees, depending on their level of experience in oven cleaning or similar industries, but also on their experience in marketing. Some of our trainees are completely new to the business and others have established cleaning companies which they wish to expand.

Hands On Experience

You will get the opportunity to learn and practice on real cleaning jobs with our technicians.

Marketing / Business Advice

We will give you advice and guidance on making the most of marketing your business.

Ongoing Support

Members of our Academy get access to ongoing support, advice, features and discounts.

Join other successful trainees who benefited from our oven cleaning training

During your oven cleaning training, you will learn how to clean



AGAs / Rayburns




* Subject to availability – barbecues tend to be seasonal

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