Here is what some of our past trainees had to say about us and their time here at
The King Academy …

Team Ovenking,

Thank you for the 4 days I have had with you this week.

It was very informative, and has put me in a position of confidence to start my new venture.

Everyone was brilliant, Daryl, Danny, Jo, Dan, Rob and of course Ricky.

Thanks again.

I will let you know how I get on with my electric dip tank.



I just wanted to say big thank you for making me feel so welcome. My 4 day training was very comprehensive and I throughly enjoyed being out  with Ricky getting hands on experience of cleaning ovens in customers’ homes. For me that was perfect!

I now feel that I have the full knowledge and confidence to go out and start cleaning ovens myself. The start up package for me was brilliant because it included everything I needed to literally start running my own oven cleaning business.

I’ll let you know how it’s all going.

Thanks again and good luck with everything!



I have just recently completed my four day training course with Ovenking, from the onset I was made very welcome by Daryl, Jo, Rob, and Ricky.

Following a nice coffee and introduction, Daryl then explained to me about the process of cleaning ovens to a professional standard, and I was also shown a variety of different ovens in the workshop.

I then met Ricky who was to be my trainer for the next four days. We then went out to customers homes and I shadowed Ricky while he cleaned the ovens, on the second day I was getting some hands on training.

On day three and four I was cleaning ovens under supervision from Ricky, some of the ovens were extremely dirty and the transformation after cleaning really had to be seen to believed, this was all as a result of Ricky and his meticulous method of cleaning and I have learned so much from my big Highland warrior.😊

In the afternoon on day four Daryl invited my wife along to his home and she was included in the excellent business presentation by Daryl and Rob also gave a great insight into the working of my lovely website designed by the team at Ovenking. I am also delighted with the van livery provided by the gang.

Overall I had a comprehensive and thorough training and I would highly recommend Ovenking to anyone considering entering the industry.

“And I did drive 500 miles and I would drive 500 more, just to be the man who comes to clean your oven door.”

Thanks for everything and great hospitality guys.



Hi guys,

Bet your missing me already lol, I know its very quiet here today  ha ha.

I thought I heard Daryl about an hour or go but must of been dreaming.

Well how was you new guy this week?
Was he / she as entertaining as I was lol?
Missing you all hope all is well with everyone.

Done quite a few ovens all been excellent, all down to you guys.



I had been researching the world of Oven Cleaning for some months prior to attending Oven King for the 4 day Startup Extra Training Package.  I was very close to signing with a franchise oven cleaning company, however upon reading the contract got nervous that whilst it would be my company and would be working to my pace, I would be constantly be measured and indeed had a massive rule book to contend with of dos and don’ts within the franchise agreement.  With this in mind I started to think if I could become a professional oven cleaner independently; after a little bit of google research I came across the Oven King team and the fairly unique training that they could provide.  I made some enquiries with regard to cost and what we got and was satisfied that I was going to get 80-90% of what the Franchisers were offering for over half the cost; and therefore we booked up!!

During the time before attending Rob was instrumental in getting the artwork completed for the business cards, flyers and van livery.  Rob was very attentive and patient to my suggestions.  As it got closer to my attendance, attentions turned to the website where Rob took charge and got the site looking great and again was open to feedback on ways to make the site look and feel even better.

So the time came to attend the course!  I was met by Daryl at the doorstep of the Oven king home office and very quickly absorbed by Daryl’s energy and good sense.  Ricky took me under his wing to start to train me on how oven doors come off and by late morning of the first day we were on the way to a customer to start to clean there oven!!!  Ricky certainly knows his stuff with regard to how to clean an oven and how to best take it apart to get the best clean and has a very good nature when dealing with complete novices, remember to keep Ricky on your good side as he scores you at the end of the course!!  Whilst attending the customers addresses I gradually took charge of the oven dismantle and clean whilst Ricky was there to ask questions of as ness.

When within the home office I was conscious that I was in the presence of the hub of the business and therefore hearing the phone ring with customers speaking with the lovely Jo and booking customers in for there ovens to be cleaned.  A great experience as it allowed me to hear what sort of questions I would be asked in the real world.

All in all, I could not recommend Oven King highly enough; there is no corporate flipcharts to worry about, you learn in the van and on the job.  Upon leaving for the journey home I felt that I had all I needed to start to get the business off the ground and whilst there may be a few things I could do with buying to suit me, I was delighted with my experience and was ready to go!!!



We can say that Ben was over the moon with his training! cool


1st of all,2 handsome devils in the foto!!!!

I travelled all the way over from Dublin to complete the 4 day course with all the trimmings,met Daryl the leader and the rest of the amazing team behind this successful company.
Ricky gave me so many wise tricks and knowledge to success and help me progress wth my own company,everyone was amazin and helped me understand the ins and outs.

I would defo recommend this company if you are thinking of getting into this line of work.

I’ll keep you posted and thanx for your time and patience.



Having been made redundant after working for a large corporate company for 33 years, I really wanted to take the opportunity to invest in my future & get some work life balance.

After much thought & research I decided starting my own oven cleaning business would enable me to do this.

I found several companies offering training packages but only Ovenking could offer me not only the hands on training but also a website, marketing material & van livery. Marketing is completely out of my comfort zone but essential for any successful business!

From the very beginning, the team worked with me to design my branding & create my website. Daryl’s enthusiasm is infectious & his knowledge of running a business invaluable. My hands on training was with Ricky. Four great days spent getting to grips with customers dirty ovens, hobs & extractors. There was a lot more to it than I thought & Ricky’s knowledge, patience & sense of humour made it thoroughly enjoyable. So many tips shared & so many things I hadn’t considered.

I can not recommend this company highly enough. I can’t wait to get started on my new journey & I will let you know how it goes.

A huge thank you to the whole team.



I came to OvenKing to take the 4 day start up package.

Daryl introduced me to my trainer for the week, Ricky. From day one Ricky, with his watchful eye, gets you right in there!!

His knowledge and understanding of the oven industry has to be up there with the best. Throughout the week Ricky’s expertise and readiness to answer my questions was a great help.

Coupled with Daryl’s genuine interest in you making a successful start in the oven business, I would strongly recommend you consider OvenKing as the first and only company to start you on your way.

A big thanks to Daryl, Ricky and the office for your input to helping me start off in the oven cleaning industry.



I come from a nursing background and had struggled with the long shifts and my other home commitments, so I began researching the possibility of self employment for about a year.

I looked at many options including franchises but decided this option wasn’t for me. I also looked at other training packages on offer with other companies.

On comparison I realised that the 4 day start-up extra package that OvenKing offers was exactly what I needed.

My 4 days training out on the road with Jason and Ricky was great. I was shown the whole process from start to finish and it was clear that they both were very conscientious and knowledgeable. Ricky soon had me cleaning ovens and offered encouragement and support throughout the training.

I was impressed with my website and corporate image design and felt that my ideas were incorporated perfectly and the outcome is ideal for me. Many thanks to Rob and Danny for that.

On the final day Daryl presented me with my certificate and my start up pack of equipment and chemicals.

I was almost sad to leave as I was made to feel like one of the team, but at the same time happy to get home and start on this new exciting venture.

Thanks Oven King!



Having been in commercial banking most of my working life and with redundancy looming I started to research Oven Cleaning as a new venture. I was looking for something that gave me flexibility that gave me a better work/life balance. 

I discovered Oven King and was attracted by the 4 day start up extra package that provided everything I would need to start. The four days I spent with Daryl, Ricky, Jason and Rob were invaluable, the first day I was, under supervision, going to customers homes and being hands on cleaning their ovens. 

My corporate image, van livery and website were all more than I could of ever hoped for. 

I am now back in Kent raring to go and enjoying being my own boss. 

Thanks guys. 



I have my own cleaning business, I decided to add on oven cleaning to my End of Tenancy cleans and carpet cleans that I offer.

 I felt I needed to get up to date as I was losing work by not doing it myself. I searched oven cleaning and where I could obtain all the equipment to get myself going, that is when I found OvenKing.

I did the 2 day startup as it was the only time I could spare with my busy workload. I came down to see Daryl and Ricky, I enjoyed the 2 days with them, they were very professional.

I felt, I wish I had time to do another couple of days, I am sure I got by but I will rebook for more if and when I can.

Thanks to the team, now I am off to make it work.



I’m ex Armed Forces and currently in the Police but have been looking for a while to be my own boss, after getting my oven professionally cleaned and speaking in depth with them I realised there was money to be made.

After doing lots of research on the internet I stumbled across the oven kings website and was immediately impressed, I registered my interest and 20 minutes later Daryl contacted me. I was immediately impressed with Daryl who was more than helpful in advising me on my needs with a no hard sell approach.

I enrolled in a 2 day course to see if it would be for me, the first day I arrived at oven king Daryl was there to greet me and get started straight away in a very relaxed environment, after a couple of hours I was out on the road with Ricky being taught oven cleaning at customers houses, this was invaluable in my opinion as you learn everything from pulling up at address, meeting customers and the full process until you leave, Ricky was great, very methodical and good at his job. By the end of that day I had cleaned my first oven in a customers house with guidance from Ricky, the second day I was out on the road again with Ricky getting more and more involved.

In my opinion this is simply the gold standard in oven cleaning training from the start after speaking to Daryl I realised I had made the right decision.

I’m in the process of now sourcing my own van and booking the full start up package. Thanks to Daryl and the team for your patience and hospitality – I will be back.



Hi Guys, sorry for the wait, been giving it a lot of thought and just wanted to put a few words together to write my experience in the best possible way.

My background is the Forces, I did my time a finished early as I felt it wasn’t really for me. I am now working for an alarm engineering company but not really seeing a great future with this so I felt that I haven’t got it right to date.

I tried to research business opportunities and do something for myself that would offer the right income and the correct work life balance. I have been looking for 6-8 months and I was looking at Franchises initially and didn’t like the restrictions when I came across The King Academy on a few searches and I liked what they had to offer.

I also saw other companies offering the same type of training but I didn’t feel that they had the expertise and qualities that The King Academy were offering.

After speaking with Daryl I decided that the The King Academy route was for me. I came up with a name, after paying my deposit we discussed the URL, found what was available and it was perfect and commenced work immediately. The artwork they produced for me to proof was great, I really loved it, hitting everything perfectly. They continued with the artwork, proofs and I signed them off as it all looked amazing.

I then was looking forward to the van livery, I couldn’t believe how they took my pictures and put the livery on my photos, it looked great. To me I can say it truely took my breath away, I loved it so much, perfect.

I came down on my dates and had the introductory chat with Daryl, got shown ovens and how to remove doors etc, went out with Ricky on site, was hands on almost immediately.

I went through the website and everything on the IT side with Rob, with a full website operators manual provided, which will be really useful in the future.

Finally I had a full presentation with Daryl, tank fitting and got loaded up with tools and chemicals.

I was sent on my way as fully fledged oven cleaner, I felt.

Would recommend this service to anyone seriously considering the oven cleaning industry.



My 4 day training course with OvenKing / The King Academy.

I have been researching oven cleaning for quite a while now.

I used to be a dog handler in the Royal Navy for many years. Since leaving the Royal Navy I have been from pillar to post trying to sort out my future career, from landscape gardening to driving buses on a shift basis and many more jobs. None of these suited me at all.

However, now that I have come down and had the oven cleaning training and got a real feel of it out on site, and seen the earning potential that OvenKing proved to me can be earned, I am now 100% with making oven cleaning my future career.

I wasnt able to come down for the full package initially but will get the rest booked in in the next few months.

Thanks Daryl and Ricky for the great insight into the industry and helping me to decide my future.

Andrew Terry

St Austell

Hi Guys,

Back again! I really cant beleive how well the oven cleaning business has bared for me.

Came only six months ago to OvenKing for my training. They told me I should thrive in my area as the competition in their area is 10 times more.

I was yet to see but I started my business and within months was up to full capacity and have bookings 2-3 weeeks in advance now.

So I now made the deeper calculated plunge and got van number 2, recruited a colleague of mine to run it and brought him down to meet the OvenKing team.

Daryl fitted out the new van with tank and work area and went through the starter pack with him, all the tools and chemicals I require for the next 70-80 jobs.

I am sure this gamble is going to work out for me.

I look forward to seeing the team again in six months for van number 3. Lol 🙂

Dave Wallis


Thank you for the training experience, it was exceptional and a pleasure meeting you all!

I am interested in purchasing chemical products, unfortunately I am limited by the space travelling home, I am sure you understand.

I will keep in touch and will probably accept OvenKing’s ongoing managemtn ans support package for the future.

Thank you once again!



West Wales

Thanks guys! I thoroughly researched the best training packages as a gateway into the industry. I am delighted to have chosen Ovenking.

I spent a week with you and have to say the training was superb and the amount of knowledge you shared with me is invaluable.

My van looks the business – very professional and the chemicals and solutions are working well. Website support is brilliant and any questions I have asked since have been answered almost immediately – great service!

Bookings are good and everything is looking positive going forward.

Thanks again !



South Wales, Supreme Oven Cleaners

Hi OvenKing, just wanted to say a big thanks to you guys for all of your help and training over the last few days.

You have all been great and I feel much more confident in what I want to achieve now. The insight to the industry, the tools, chemicals and the best way to utilise and maximise the benefits of the tank is surely going to set me leaps and bounds above the competition in my industry.

I feel very lucky and pleased that I stumbled across OvenKing. Special thanks to Ricky who took me out and showed me how to do it on site.

Thanks again!




For the past 4 years I’ve been slowly looking into the Oven Cleaning industry, mostly at night with a tablet, whilst early ideas were to look into national brands, a joining fee of over £10,000 plus purchasing my own van and having a moral debt to the company not to mention sharing my earnings back with them kept the idea as just that.

I stumbled across Oven King one evening and straight away saw the costs drastically cut, no contracts or ongoing fees and what looked like a short sharp exposure to the industry got my aspirations dusted off and becoming a reality. Over the following months I kept flicking back to the updated testimony’s which helped feed my enthusiasm, I swapped my car for a Citroen Berlingo and put a call into Oven King.

I wanted to start using the skills straight away and felt that the 4 day start-up package was ideal giving me all the required kit to get started and plenty of opportunity to watch/ take part/ ask questions. I have a full time job working a shift pattern so often get several days off in a row. My plan was to complete the training then start filling my days off up with appointments at my own convenience.

I started my four days at the beginning of Feb 2019, I met Daryl and the team at his office. Straight away I was made to feel welcome listening to the industry dynamics and being impressed with the team’s attitude. Daryl showed me around the workshop and explained the framework for oven cleaning, after this I met Rick who I’d spend the afternoon with at customers addresses watching cleans before I took more and more responsibility for the cleans over the next 3 days.

There were perhaps more complexities than I’d given credit for, such as the different treatment for different metals, the uniqueness of oven doors that do or do not remove and the varying range of kitchen sizes/ oven models. That being said I was in good hands. Rick and Daryl could answer all my questions and both are passionate about the industry. Where we weren’t able to fit a range clean in, Rick was more than happy to talk me through the clean, knowledgeable and never far away for advice.

Over the week I was exposed to 10 ovens, at least 8 of which I had an active part in cleaning, getting more and more involved each day. The process follows a fairly simplistic method but with that comes the responsibility of being in someone’s home at times with expensive appliances. That mixed with the knowledge of unexpected complexities (above) show that your training deserves the “professional” element (Pun 😊).

Since I’ve returned home, I’ve had 4 jobs booked in almost immediately. The first 3 were large range ovens, extractor and hobs (straight in at the deep end). My training and Rick’s advice saw me complete all cleans without any issues, satisfied customers who often ask if it is a new oven and payment made with gratitude.

So that’s me for now, fortunate enough to turn the heat up (Pun 😊) at my own pace with the knowledge that I can now clean ovens to a great standard, have all the kit and the van. With one eye on carpet cleaning training in the future I sit on my tablet writing this testimony having almost completed the cycle, with gratitude to Oven King and satisfaction in my new skill.

Thanks all.


West Midlands, Ed Oven Cleaning

Having spent a lot of time researching Oven Cleaning Franchises and other training providers it was obvious once I had spoken to Daryl at OvenKing that his training package was without doubt the best by far. I would say to anyone looking to start up in this business do not under any circumstances buy a franchise, all you need is the four day start up extra and you have everything that you need with no limits on area’s and you will most certainly have all the confidence you need to go it alone.

On day one in the morning I spent some time being instructed on various types of oven strip down and assembly and then went out for four full days on the road with Ricky who is the ultimate professional when it comes to oven cleaning. By day two I was fully hands on under the supervision of Ricky who was always there to give advice and guidance when required. The whole course was very informative from the cleaning aspect through to marketing, managing your website and how best to run your business.

Since finishing the course I have cleaned several ovens and I can honestly say I have the confidence to tackle any job and the feed back from all my customers has been amazing.

After 38 years in the Royal Navy this has been a big change of career for me but I love being my own boss and having a better work/life balance.

Many thanks to Daryl, Ricky, Jo and Rob for all their time and effort and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the OvenKing training package to anyone.


Cardiff, Integro Ovens

Daryl I am just writing a testimonial for you guys to express how pleased I was with my short 2 day oven cleaning training course.

I had spoken to other training providers but none gave me what I needed and as soon as I spoke with yourselves you were happy to tailor the course to my needs.

The first thing in the morning on day one I was put at ease very quickly and realised I had made the right choice with training at OvenKing. The two days were fully packed and very informative from the outline of the industry with yourself and then the hands on training with Rick was second to none. Rick packed in a lot of cleans over the two days and I appreciate you still found time to help me with the marketing, even though this wasn’t included in the packaged I was on.

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending OvenKing for training to anyone, as long as they aren’t in my area. LOL. Thanks again.



I saw OvenKings oven cleaning training package online and it shone over the rest. I spoke to Daryl on the phone a couple of times before I booked on the course and then on the date of my course I travelled down South to the OvenKing head office in Bournemouth.

I found the training to be very informative and a real hands on course to say the least. OvenKing also threw in some commercial cleaning training upon my request which is all good to add to my portfolio as I am already an experienced carpet cleaner and floor polisher.

Thanks to all the team at OvenKing and I will keep in contact and let you know how I get on in the future.


Middlesborough, Doctor Oven

Oven king you guys are the business. I’d recently had my oven cleaned for the missus and was relived of £150, at the same time I was looking for my next position and so I thought oven cleaning could be for me.

So after a Google search I contacted Oven king to discuss their oven cleaning training. I knew as soon as I spoke to Daryl the training course was for me and we got on like a house on fire.

The training, hands on experience, presentation, tools, chemicals and tank etc are second to none and I have no quibbles. Daryl was always thinking about me and my business and was even worried that parking in London would make my business more difficult to run. So much so that he came up with a business plan to make the business work with two people. But I am sure I will manage as I have lived here most my life.

Thanks to Daryl, Ricky and Paul for showing me the ropes. All the best guys.


Notting Hill

Being from the west country I haven’t seen many oven cleaners in my area so thought it would be a great business to get into. Upon my considerable research and due diligence the ovenking training course kept coming up on my searches. And training was my preferred option of getting into the business rather than buying in to a franchise.

Ovenking did everything, including fitting out my van with a tank and work area which I am really pleased with. They even supplied all the tools and chemicals needed which are just the job to get me working. And the training and presentation was all i needed to get me going in this industry. Lets hope it all goes well for me. Thank you again.


Newton Abbott

Part 2: Follow Up

Hi Guys, just a follow up from my previous feedback email. I was very glad that after my initial presentation with Daryl I decided to upgrade my oven cleaning training package and come back down to Bournemouth top up my training to the full start up extra package. I thought I could organise all the things I needed to start my business myself. But after many false starts and on speaking with family and friends I realised I couldn’t do everything alone!

On Daryl’s recommendation I rebooked on to the longer course with the addition of the website and marketing material. My thanks to Gary for the branding, my van, website, flyers and business cards look fantastic and really set me apart from the crowd. I am also so glad that when I came back down I had my van sign written by the team.

Thanks again for all the help and advice the business has started well and I am seeing consistent growth in bookings.


Heathrow, Oven Guy

Thank you to Daryl and the team for my 4 day start up extra course. I couldn’t miss the opportunity when I saw the van and corporate branding already done so I was happy to buy the business as a going concern and come down to undertake the informative and hands on training. Hopefully the new venture will pay off and I can cut down on my current venture working in the building trade. All the best Vaughn.


Croydon, Ace Ovens

Daryl. Would just like to pass on my thanks to yourself and all the team at oven king. Training was brilliant although 2 days may have been a little bit tight. However rick was great at showing me how to clean an oven right and some tips to make the process much easier to understand. Once again thanks very much Paul from Tidy Ovens. Love the name and branding too!


Dunfermline, Tidy Ovens

Hi Team, Just a few words to express my satisfaction with the oven cleaning training package I purchased. Initially I decided to only go for the 4 day startup, and that package gave me the full insight in to the oven cleaning industry. It has taught me how to clean an oven properly and to a professional standard. My thanks also to Paul who took me out to show me the ropes.

The introduction Daryl gave me and insights at the end of each day were excellent. He very cleverly convinced me that I need the whole start up plus package so I will be coming back in the near future for a website, marketing material and van livery, just as soon as I have earned the money from oven cleaning! I thought I had someone lined up to do all this for me but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and now I have seen the designs OvenKing have produces prior I don’t think it is beneficial going anywhere else! Finally a big thank you to Jo for the BBQ and making me feel so welcome in your home!


Heathrow, Oven Guy

Hi Daryl, It has taken a few days but as promised I’m putting a few words down about my experience with Ovenking for you. Let me start by saying thank you very much for your hospitality, If you are ever this way please allow me to repay you and take you for a drink next time!

As for the oven cleaning training and the introduction to the business side of things I am unable to offer any criticism, it was great and answered all the questions I had. I can see you are very knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience.

I also enjoyed the three days on the road with your technicians. The final presentation and handover of my van, tools and marketing suite was fantastic too. I greatly appreciated the ideas and tips you put forward to me too. As discussed I will go forward with the commercial work as suggested. I love my new business brand and website and will highly recommend OvenKing to anyone who is looking to get in to the industry.

I will keep in contact too, in the hope we can do some big commercial cleaning jobs together in the future. Kind Regards Ciaran.

Ciaran Smyth

Cheltenham, OvenJoy

It was a great pleasure to come down to Bournemouth and receive my full training 4 day start up extra package. I’m so glad you convinced me that there was no point buying another van when I already had one. At first I was reluctant to use my van as it is my pride and joy. But with is being a custom VW Sport panel van with alloys and bodykit the van has only enhanced the business image, I get looks wherever it goes now which is sure to get my company recognised. I was as you know initially dead set against having it sign written too but I went along with the advice given and I couldn’t have wished for a better design, it helps that friends and family can’t help but keep complimenting it.

The initial introduction, marketing lesson and days out on the road with your staff was extremely valuable. Proper hands on experience made it easy and fun to learn. I especially liked being in the customers house, meeting real people and cleaning real ovens getting a proper taste for the oven cleaning business.

I didn’t have a clue about oven cleaning when I arrived but when I left I felt fully prepared to run my new business . The marketing advice was great and I am fully confident I can make my business a success.  And don’t worry I will try not to tread on your territory lol.

Aaron Stubbs

Salisbury, Stubborn Ovens

Hi guys, we have just got back to our home in Spain. I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for giving myself and my son the opportunity to come over the UK and be trained by yourselves. I can now see why ovenking is a great brand. The professionalism and the quality of the work you offer your customers is second to none and we hope to replicate this in Spain.

Coming over to do training was initially a gamble for us given the increased costs of travel that we had to pay. And we didn’t know how the Spanish market would compare to the UK, but due to your versatility and comprehensive research to show us the difference in the markets we now have enough to get going with our proud new venture of Happy Hornos. A brand we hope to build up to be as big as OvenKing. We will of course keep buying you great chemicals and products and will be in touch to update you on our progress. Thank you again from myself and Westley.

Peter Beards

Alicante, Happy Hornos

Thanks to all of the team at OvenKing. I certainly made the right decision coming down to Bournemouth. I spent a lovely 4 days with the OvenKing technicians and Daryl and the office staff. It was very informative and the hands on experience I gained on site with the customers was second to none. I went out with 3 experienced oven cleaning technicians and gained a wealth of experience. Thanks Ricky, Paul and Jason. I will certainly be back when I need to order my next batch of chemicals. All the best James Kemp.

James Kemp


Great training course, found it very informative. Daryl certainly knows about the industry and I gained a lot of knowledge from him. I enjoyed the training on the practical side, physically out on the road in a real customers kitchen cleaning real ovens. I thought that type of training was invaluable. The products, tools and tank and the setup in my van is second to none. Pleased with the whole organisation and glad I made the decision to get into this industry. I am looking forward to getting involved in the industry.



Hi Team, thanks for staggering my training course and I felt that I learnt enough from you guys to get going. Great insight to the business side from you Daryl, much appreciated Paul and Leon showing me the ropes out on the road. If I get stuck at all I am sure I will give you a ring or pop and see you as you are not a million miles away. Thanks again and all the best to you at OvenKing.

Steve and Jane

Isle of Wight

Love my van, enjoyed the time I spent with the team, started getting myself some bookings now. I am sure I will make a good go of this industry. Thank you OvenKing and a special thanks to Leon for taking me down to the beach for a romantic walk.


Grantham, Ace Ovens

Day 1 got down to OvenKings offices had a good chat with Daryl and a great induction into the industry and the dos and donts. Then I went to the workshop and we went through the ovens and striped a few down and striped a few doors. Then out on the road with Paul on 2 customer facing jobs.

Day 2 in Bournemouth was good again, van had been completely kitted out and the cleaning chemicals had all been put in. Cleaned 3 different types of ovens and learned even more.

Day 3 with Joa on nice local job and then with Daryl for the rest of the day where he did a job with a 2 door range full clean and strip down and extractor unit completely striped and cleaned to perfection. Really enjoyed the day!

Can’t wait to get back and put all the new knowledge and equipment to use and help grow ALPHA cleaning even more. Thanks to all the team at OvenKing and a special thank you to Daryl.


Banbury, Alpha Cleaning

Hi Daryl, thanks you so much for all your help. It has been a great experience, you have been a great teacher and I have loved all of my training from start to finish. I was delighted that I had a high pass when you handed me my certificate, and I felt that all of the training has gone a long way towards me starting my new venture. Your company will only ever get praise from me, if anyone asks about your company. Thank you again Daryl and your team at OvenKing.

David Johnson


Thanks OvenKing team, I enjoyed the time and the knowledge I gained from Daryl and Ricky. It was also very informative and hands on training that I would recommend to anyone wanting to get into oven cleaning. I would not hesitate to recommend the overall package (startup extra). The website is great and my corporate style sets my van off great.

The team helped me to get my emails setup and get it going on my phone which has helped me no end with getting the enquiries in and I am confident going to clean ovens as I have had all the training and have the support from OvenKing.


Bristol, The No1 Oven Cleaning Company

3 month follow up

Hi Guys, I just like to follow up with my testimonial and to say what a great start OvenKing gave me into this market with the training and the marketing tips. I am already within 3 months flat out and earning my targets and exceeding them already. I am working further afield than I originally anticipated, but what is great as I never went down the franchise road there is no boundaries. Thanks again to the team and for giving me the ongoing advice, its great to see you guys when I see you monthly for my monthly supply of chemicals. Look forward to seeing you next month!


Southampton, Oven Cleaning Solutions

Arrived back with a flying start I left OvenKing on the Thursday and I was working by the weekend for friends and family and had my first booking on Monday.

I emphasised with OvenKing from the beginning this is crucial to me as I have given up my highly paid PAYE sales job to start running my own oven cleaning business. I looked around with what other companies had to offer and nothing came close to the OvenKing startup extra package, which I thought would be ideal if i wanted to start with a quick launch into the industry with the website, flyers, business cards, livery, tank, van conversion and tools and chemicals to get going. I find the 4 day course quite intensive and lots to get my head around. What is great is already the lads are showing me that I can pick up the phone for further advice if I get stuck.

Thanks to the team and I will try not to be too much of a pain when I keep calling you!! But I am really happy with the start you have given me to get the oven cleaning business up and running.


Devon, Captain Ovens

Hey Team, I am now back after my long journey home and I felt every day and every minute of this training course was well worth while. At the cost of a third of a franchise I feel this was very well worth the money for the level of training and information gained. I came to OvenKing with the proposal could they tie my window cleaning business in with an oven cleaning business and incorporate both together. Daryl was very obliging and he re branded me as a joint window cleaner and oven cleaner. I was so pleased when I started receiving my first drafts and then website etc and I knew we were on the right tracks.

When I was advised all my flyers had arrived at their offices and business cards and website had been finished I was so eager to get down and get my training started and finished so as I could join the oven cleaning market.

Daryl advised me of how to launch my business and the best way to market without running away with costs. Also gave me great tips to use my existing database to get going with. I would just like to thank the whole of the team including Lee, Danny, Paul for taking me out and Daryl for the hard work of setting me up with my new business.


Leicester, Clean and Scrub

Hi Team, I very much appreciated the training course and really appreciated that Daryl was able to kit my van out with a unique bespoke package that he designed. As when I arrived it was a total surprise to him that I needed my van empty at the weekend for my bouncy castle business. He was able to redesign a retrofitted box which caters for my needs perfectly as I am able to take it out for the weekends and put back in on Monday morning. Great Job! Thanks Paul for the training very informative and I look forward to start cleaning ovens and make myself an extra income from this industry.

All the best in the future to the OvenKing team.



Hi Daryl and team, I was very excited to expand on my cleaning portfolio. It all went very well. I would like to thank you Daryl for the training and advice this week and the other guys in the vans, what they showed me was great. I have already picked up bookings after I started telling my friends, family and some existing customers where I have been last week and what I was doing. I look forward to speaking to you in 6 months time after putting all my advice I can into practice and hopefully call you with great news about my business. Could you also send me the pictures that you sent me of the handover of the certificate so as I can put it on my website. Thanks Kosh.



I would like to thank you and your whole team for a great few days training. The comprehensive business advice from yourself, after your years in the industry will be invaluable. Plus knowing I can call upon you in the future if necessary, gives added peace of mind. The tank supplied and fitted by you, I am sure will provide years of service.

Can I also give a special thank you to Paul & Leon. Who I spent the majority of my on site training with. The opportunity to train in actual customers homes, gives a great incite in what to expect. Both of the guys have slightly different techniques. Which I found extremely interesting. Both however achieve exceptional results. This will give me the option to mix & match some clever little tips from both. While developing my own style. Plus being made aware of the potential to make some very expensive mistakes. I now understand why professional oven cleaning is indeed a specialist trade. I wish you Jo, and all the team continued success. From what I have witnessed of your operation I am sure it will go from strength to strength.



Great to meet Daryl and the team, I was possibly a bit hesitant about going into this industry as a woman. But after the very informative information from Daryl and the great hands on training from his operators I felt that I have made the right decision. Thanks once again to the team and I will keep in touch in the future to give you an update on my progress. Love the van being kitted out for me and the package supplied with it. I cannot wait to get on cleaning my own ovens.



I have been researching possibilities of becoming an oven cleaner for quite a while. I searched the internet and found the most suitable package that I felt would work for me. I discussed it with my partner who already had a cleaning business and this would be a perfect add on. Came down met Daryl and the team, the training and advice that I got from Daryl was second to none and it was great being out on the road with Paul, showing me how to do the job in a real life scenario.

Van was kitted out great and I am very pleased, now I have just started my own jobs. It is good to know they are on the end of the phone if there are any problems. I would highly recommend OvenKing to anyone wanting to get into this industry.


Southampton, Oven Cleaning Solutions

I came down to Bournemouth a complete novice in the industry. My Background was working in the airline on baggage handling. So I came down to training with OvenKing with an open mind, not being 100% sure whether it was for me or not. But after the training and the business walkthrough that Daryl gave me in the office made me feel comfortable that I have made the right decision to eventually break off from my security and go it alone.

Thanks Paul for the practical training on site and the team for the overall package. Love the style of my website and livery on the van and people making comments to me on a daily basis. Wish The King Academy all the best in the future.


Derby, Doctor Oven

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