Did you know there is more money working for OvenKing than there would be in buying your own franchise, and certainly even more by having The King Academy set you up with your own business.

The benefits of a franchise are not as great when you really look into it, they will claim that their branding is more beneficial than it really is. The backup and support often isn’t quite what they make it out to be and the ongoing overheads are far higher than running your own business.

The King Academy (and OvenKing) can get you set up with your own business for less than a third of the cost of buying a franchise. We can build you a corporate image so that to the customer you will look just as professional as a franchise and we are sure you will be proud of the image we can create for you.

Your ongoing costs and restrictions from a franchise is more than just the initial cost – there are ongoing management fees, extra marketing costs, extra insurances etc.

We have looked at costings and spreadsheets from franchise companies and typically you are not really making money until year 2 and 3. If you came to us for a training course we can show you how to make money from week 2.

Our guys that actually work for OvenKing (after a couple of weeks of training) are doing one to two ovens a day from the start. By week 3 – 4 they are doing 3 jobs a day, and by month two even up to 4 jobs per day. From month two we are paying a commission of typically £600-700 a week and the only cost they have to take out of that will be their fuel.

We can show you figures here, when we get you started, your ongoing costs are minimal with no territorial restrictions on where you work, a major factor to making your business work.

Make sure you call the King academy before you make any steps to buying a franchise and we can assure that you wont go ahead into a Franchise.

Or speak to some of our previous trainees and find out how they are benefiting from our training courses.