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About Us

About Us – The King Academy

The King Academy is the training department of OvenKing and part of The King Group of Companies. We provide training for a range of cleaning industries and services.

We are born from the experience of The King Group and our own cleaning service companies. The King Academy has expert knowledge and experience directly in the industries for which we provide training.

We have been training oven cleaners and other specialist cleaners for over 6 years. These trainees have gone on to run their own successful cleaning businesses. In addition, our courses are accredited and will deliver the skills and advice necessary to run your own business or work for an existing cleaning company. You can learn more about us below or by following our social media.

More about the King Academy

Our mission at the King Academy is to provide top quality oven cleaning training. Training that gives each and every one of our trainees the knowledge to go out and run their very own successful oven cleaning business.

It is important to remember that this is a business opportunity and NOT a franchise. The King Academy allows you to really be your own boss. With no area of operation restrictions, your own company branding, your own company reputation, the opportunity to grow your own business is limitless.

How does our training work?

The King Academy offers a number of different training courses and business opportunity packages.
Our courses range from our one day industry introduction, to a full five day business start up package.

  • Introduction to Industry – one day taster course to see if the industry really is for you.
  • Start Up – 2/3/4/5/ day course – A comprehensive course that includes theory and practical training. Fitting the dip tank of your choice to your vehicle, tools and chemicals to begin.
  • Start Up Extra – Along with theoretical and practical training the start up extra includes a full corporate package, that will kick start your business.

The King Academy Membership

On successful completion of our training packages you are invited to become a member, this is not compulsory. The membership benefits outweigh the fees tenfold. As a member you will be supported by the team at The King Academy, where the whole team will support you and your business exact needs, taking into account the local factors and your own business acumen and experience. We will keep you update with industry news and general business advice. Membership also means discount on further training and 20% off our tried and tested chemicals.

Who does this industry suit?

The King Academy offers training and business start up packages for all types of people. You may be leaving the armed forces and looking for resettlement into civilian life, have been made redundant from a 9-5 office job that couldn’t keep you motivated.

The business start up packages and oven cleaning training from The King Academy allows you to become your own boss, work your own hours, dictate you work/life balance to suit you and the family

We are always happy to talk with you about our services and answer any questions you may have or supply further information.

Check out our Contact Us section to get in touch.

Would you like to see what our courses offer?

We offer a wide range of domestic and commercial cleaning training, which multiple course length options and optional extras and addons.

Check out our Training sections to read about what our training contains, extra features and more.

Want to hear what some of our trainees think about us and the service we provide?

Check out our Testimonials section to read about how we have helped others to set up and run their businesses. You can also check out our Facebook Page to learn more about us.

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