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Overseas Oven Cleaning Training

Are you looking to get oven cleaning training but are located outside the UK? We offer overseas oven cleaning training too!

Who can benefit from our overseas oven cleaning training?

Are you looking to start your own oven cleaning business and you are based outside the UK? Our overseas oven cleaning training program is designed to help you get up and running quickly.

As the biggest oven cleaning training company in the UK, we provide customised training on the latest professional level oven cleaning techniques to all English speaking trainees overseas. We have already trained people in America and Europe and are willing to travel to you next. We provide all the equipment you need and fit it in your van. We will show you the chemicals you need and how to use them, how to market your business, how to price your services. We’ll even create your logo from scratch, design your website (English language only, but we’ll show you how to add your own language too), your business cards, your flyers and your van’s livery. By joining our program today you will set the most solid foundations for your own new business and start making money in no time!

Are there any prerequisites for your overseas oven cleaning training courses?

You do not need to have any previous experience to be trained as a professional oven cleaner. We’ve trained people from all working backgrounds, from bank employees to decorators, and from former military personnel to telecommunications experts. With over 10 years of experience in oven cleaning training, we’re the top choice for getting your business up and running quickly and easily. Join hundreds of happy trainees who have benefited from our training and now run their own successful businesses and start making money today!

The only requirement is that you must be English speaking. As long as you satisfy that, leave the rest to us!

How much do your overseas oven cleaning training courses cost?

The courses we offer vary in price, depending on the equipment you wish to get, the duration of the training and whether you wish to add the marketing add-ons we offer or not. In general, the only extra cost you will need to pay on top of the existing price as shown in our courses pricelist, will be our travel expenses.


Choose one of our overseas oven cleaning courses and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Enquire now!