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Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig

Our unique Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig is the new way of owning  an oven cleaning business, without the need for a van!

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig

We are proud to present our revolutionary new idea that OvenKing and the King Academy, pioneers in the UK’s oven cleaning market are introducing to the British market!

Watch the video below to learn more.

What is an Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig?

An oven Cleaning Trailer Rig is essentially a business in a box. But we want to be crystal clear here: we are not talking about franchises. The phrase “Business in a box” is usually used to describe turnkey businesses, otherwise known as “franchises“. This is not that at all. We are talking about a business in an actual box. Like this:

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig

Many of our past trainees have often mentioned that the additional cost of purchasing a van made it harder for them to start their own oven cleaning business. Some even asked us if they could get one of our Dip Tanks installed in their family car, which is definitely not a viable solution.

So now, we are introducing the first Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig, a real business in a box for all those who’d like to make use of their family vehicle instead of buying a van.

What’s the advantage of an Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig?

In one word, cost.

The costs for a trailer with all the equipment you need in it, are much lower than those of a full van. Apart form the cost of buying a van, there are also running costs that may prove significant, especially for someone who starts their oven cleaning business. You need to account for your road tax, MOT, van insurance and annual maintenance, same as with every other vehicle. These are expenses you are already paying for for your family car. So why not add a tow bar to it, and use that for moving where your work takes you to? Why have two vehicles and pay their expenses twice when you can do the job with only one?

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig

Our Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig helps you remove all these double costs, requires no special vehicle (our trailer can be towed by most family cars easily), no changes to your driving license, no special insurance and only a slight increase in the fuel costs your family car normally requires (compared to the massive increase for a separate vehicle). Want to change your family car? No problem, get a new one, fit a tow bar and you’re ready to go with zero disruption to your business. It’s a win-win for you.

What’s the difference between a traditional van an Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig?

Other than the means of transportation, nothing. You will still go through your regular oven cleaning training choosing the Course you prefer. After you graduate, you are ready to start making money. Want to take the kids to school or go for your weekly shopping? Disconnect your Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig and off you go! Time to go to your next booking? Attach the trailer and you’re ready. It’s as easy as that. The equipment your Business in a Box comes with is identical to what we would fit in your van, there are no compromises at all. You get a full size dip tank, a work area where all your chemicals fit nicely, plenty of spare space to fit all your tools and gas bottle safely, plus all the livery to make your business stand out, giving you the same advertising opportunities as a normal van benefits from.

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig

Does the Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig come with an Electric or an LPG (Gas) Dip Tank?

You can choose whichever you want. We offer both options. You can read more about their differences in our frequently asked questions.

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig


What does the Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig include?

Here’s what you get:

  • The Oven Cleaning Training Course of your choice
  • The trailer with jockey wheel, stabilisers and spare wheel included
  • A full size dip tank of your choice (Gas, 3kW or 6kW Electric), fully fitted
  • The work base, fully fitted
  • Enough chemicals to clean 70-80 ovens (generate more than £4,000 worth of business)
  • The necessary tools for oven cleaning

If you choose one of our “EXTRA” packages, you will also get:

  • A corporate logo designed especially for you
  • A website and corporate email address
  • Flyers and Business Cards
  • The livery with artwork we design and install for you (left, right and rear)

You can find the pricelist of all our courses here.

What are the dimensions/weight of the Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig?

Please refer to the details below:

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig - Technical Specs

Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig - Technical Specs
Gross Capacity
Unloaden weight
Load Capacity
Internal Length (A)
Total Length (B)
Internal Height (C)
Internal Width (D)
Total Width (E)

Want to know more about our unique Oven Cleaning Trailer Rig? Enquire now!