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Floor and Carpet Cleaning Training

Kindly note that our Carpet Cleaning courses are currently on hold and we are not certain when they will resume

Floor and Carpet cleaning training from the people who brought you

CarpetLocal Professional Carpet Cleaners

Why choose a floor and carpet cleaning training package?

If you are considering a business in carpet cleaning, you will require some knowledge and skills to help you perform fast and efficient cleans. Training will help you increase customer satisfaction and help to prevent you making any costly mistakes.

We will train you in the the techniques and the chemicals that will get the job done from general cleans, to pet and other stain removal, to flea and mite treatments.

Working for yourself will give you greater earning potential and freedom compared with joining a franchise.

Earning £1000+ per week
No restriction on area or territory
No contract restrictions
Running and managing your business your way
Can be added on to existing business
Long term there are no ongoing management fees

Who are CarpetLocal?

Carpet Local is the sister company of the well established cleaning company known as OvenKing. Before Carpet Local existed, OvenKing offered an additional carpet cleaning service, to compliment their main service cleaning ovens, over time we built up a reputation for providing an excellent, professional carpet cleaning service, which is when we decided to set up CarpetLocal.

Carpet Local is dedicated to providing the best possible carpet cleaning solution to your home, we understand that no two homes are the same, likewise no two carpets are the same, with thick woolen carpets, to short stranded acrylic carpets, all these cleaning jobs require a trained carpet cleaner to be able to identify the correct cleaning process.

We train our carpet cleaners so they have a full understanding of the different cleaning processes depending on the carpets that are situated in your homes, along with a full knowledge of all the chemicals that are involved in the cleaning procedure, with this knowledge and understanding we will be able to provide you the best possible carpet cleaning service for your money.

Hands On Experience

You will get the opportunity to learn and practice on real cleaning jobs with our technicians.

Marketing / Business Advice

We will give you advice and guidance on making the most of marketing your business.

Ongoing Support

Members of our Academy get access to ongoing support, advice, features and discounts.

Some our our previous trainees …


Training Packages

Our training only, startup and startup extra packages all include the vitally important and comprehensive floor, carpet and upholstery cleaning training. This training includes industry leading carpet cleaning specific business coaching.

We offer a range of packages so as we can best accommodate all trainees, our 4 day packages are the main stay and will give a full and comprehensive training course covering all facets of cleaning.

We do also offer reduced duration packages; 1, 2 and 3 day training only courses, if you want a taste of what floor and upholstery cleaning is. As well as our 2 day startup and startup extra packages for if you are a hands on person or come from a similar industry and are looking to get into floor and upholstery cleaning.

Starting on your own

Starting your own floor, carpet and upholstery cleaning business doesn’t have to be a daunting and overwhelming experience. With The King Academy and our training  you can expect all the back up, training and support required to help make that jump from employment, into the profitable world of business ownership.

Work for yourself, at your own pace
A proven business industry
A multi-million pound national industry
Safe and secure financial future

Working as a King Academy trained graduate is very simple, our industry leading training enables you to offer a professional service that leads to repeat business and a solid reputation in your local area. The floor and carpet cleaning industry has the potential to generate you earnings of over £1000 a week if you put in the work. We ensure that you leave our offices with all the knowledge to enable you to go and start cleaning carpets and furnishings on the way home!

Typical earnings of over £1,000 a week!

Start Up & Start Up Extra

Start Up

Our startup and startup extra courses are much more comprehensive, these courses provide you with a broad theoretical overview of the industry, it will also provide you with time in our workshop looking at different carpets and chemicals.

We then place you with our operators on the road gaining vital hands on experience, you get to meet customers and work through the entire process of arriving at a customers address through cleaning, to clearing down after the work.

While you are on the road we will get you kitted out with all the tools to get your business started.

Start Up Extra

The extra package includes The King Academy expertise not found elsewhere, for setting up your entire corporate style from your website and email addresses through to flyers, business cards and van livery.

We make sure that you leave the Academy with a clean and professional looking company image and the knowledge to backup that style with excellent cleaning capabilities.


If you would like to learn more contact us today or keep up to date on our social media for updates.

Training Modules

Carpets and Rugs

Wood Floors

Pest Treatment

Protection and Stain Guarding

Training Costs

Floor and Carpet - Training Only

Training Only
Duration1 day2 days3 days4 days
Full Training
Cost *£225£400£550£675
✓ = included
* VAT to be added to prices above

Floor and Carpet - Full Package

CourseStartUpStartUp Extra
Duration2 days3 days4 days2 days3 days4 days
Van Fitting
Corporate Style
Corporate Email Address
25,000 Flyers
250 Business Cards
Van Livery
Cost *£3,300£3,400£3,500£5,000£5,125£5,250
✓ = included
* VAT to be added to prices above

Optional Membership

20% Discount for GleamKing chemicals
Discount for future courses
Reprints of leaflets and business cards
Design of additional marketing materials
Supply of additional NCR pads
Ongoing industry and marketing advice
Forwarded leads and enquiries
Directory on the OvenKing / Academy website
Ongoing support
Monthly Cost *£50
✓ = included
* VAT to be added to price above

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