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Do you find yourself in the dilemma between buying an Oven Cleaning Franchise vs Own Business? This is probably the most frequent dilemma we see from people who decide to start a career in oven cleaning.

There are benefits in both but, for us, the winner leads by a long margin. Here’s what you need to know:

Oven cleaning franchise – The corporate identity factor

The identity of your franchise is immediately connected to the public’s awareness of the franchise’s brand name. If the brand is very well known (like McDonalds, Domino’s, Starbucks etc.) then success is almost certain. But if the brand is not well known, the risk is extremely high and the margins of flexibility are non existent. Mind you, oven cleaning is a service that many people use, but it’s still in its infancy. It can never compete with franchise giants, and therefore a franchise in oven cleaning can’t be a huge brand name like Costa Coffee or KFC. Looking at the list of the Top 100 Franchises in the UK for 2020, you will only find one oven cleaning franchise, and that’s long down the list. Even in that case, most people do not have brand awareness in the field of oven cleaning on a national level, to inspire confidence in such an investment.

Oven cleaning franchise vs Own Business advantages

When you own your oven cleaning business, there is no risk of you being connected to a third-party brand name. You have your own corporate identity and with your hard work this will get the public awareness it deserves. You have an adaptable and flexible business model and you are free to go with the flow according to your business needs. Sure you’re not a big name like Pizza Hut or Subway, but you don’t need to be in this field.

Oven cleaning franchise – Your public image

Any bad reviews or public image issues of the oven cleaning franchise brand immediately reflect on you and there is practically no way for you to address them. Do you want to inherit a bad name in your field just because a franchise may not be managing its business effectively?

Opting for your own oven cleaning business instead, you have complete control over your reviews and public image. Should any bad reviews arise, these can be rectified with ease, as it is you who addresses them directly with the client. A direct approach in such cases can only be achieved because of the flexibility of a small business to address and resolve issues without mountains of red tape.

Oven cleaning franchise marketing costs

A franchise uses your possible lack of experience in marketing to sell you a package that is already used by every other franchisee. This is a very cost effective and highly profitable approach for the franchisor, as it uses existing resourses for everyone with minimum overheads, but doesn’t take into account your personal needs. Due to the nature of a franchise, you have no say over any of the marketing and promotional approach or costs, even if there are changes you know you could make to better suit your market and area of interest.

On the other hand, building your own oven cleaning company is a more tailor-made approach, Our courses offer a complete marketing breakdown, where you learn how to market your business from scratch. You are given different scenarios of what can work for your case, you learn the principles we applied to grow our own business and you get inside knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. You then choose your marketing campaign according to what you want to spend. This gives you great flexibility to try different advertising channels and see what returns the best results for your specific case.

An oven cleaning franchise has a more generic marketing approach

The generic marketing approach of a franchise brand aims to promote the franchise, not you. Of course you benefit from that, but not immediately and certainly not directly. This means that marketing is directed to a nationwide audience, often not taking into account the particularities of your specific location. An marketing approach that works well in Manchester, may not work as well in Cornwall (and this applies to all your business operations, not just marketing).

Contrary to and oven cleaning franchise, our marketing approach is completely customised and oriented to your location’s particularities. You are putting all your marketing efforts into addressing an audience you know, in an area you know, thus bringing more targeted results with less overheads and loss of time and value. Additionally, our courses offer your own personalised corporate image, logo, website, corporate email and a full set of printed advertising material. During the design phase, you have complete freedom to choose what you prefer out of a set of different options offered to you. We provide constant feedback and fine-tuning, until we find the perfect cut for you.

Oven cleaning franchise monthly fees

Your monthly fee is obligatory with all franchises and covers the cost of support from the brand. What’s important to understand here is that this support has the brand in the centre of attention. Any help you receive for issues arising will always be guided by the brand’s goals, even if this means it’s inadequate or may even contradict your particular needs.

Our approach is different: our membership fee is optional and its monthly cost is slightly higher than the weekly cost of popular oven cleaning franchises. Membership gives you support for your exact needs, taking into account any local particularities, your experience and your business. It also entitles you to a 20% discount on our tested chemicals, discount on future training and ongoing industry and marketing advice.

Oven cleaning franchise costs

A hidden cost of an Oven cleaning franchise: cleaning materials

When buying an oven cleaning franchise, you are forced to use specific cleaning materials for your work as you need to follow the branding and directives of the franchise.

Instead, when you have your own cleaning business, you are free to use any cleaning materials you see fit. As your trainers, we will recommend specific chemicals that we have tried and tested, but you are not oblidged or bound by a contract to use them.

The curious case of brand association

In the franchise business, your customers know the brand name. Of course they know you when they meet you, but they called Brand X to clean their oven, not you. The connection between you and the end client is based on a brand name, not on something you have built yourself. This will have a devastating impact if the brand goes south.

On the other hand, when you own your business, your customers know you. They ask for you. They call your company to clean their oven because they trust you. The personal connection you create goes a long way, creating repeat customers for life, something which is vital to your success. And being good at what you do brings benefits to you, not a brand.

Ownership of bookings and client base

Most franchises manage your bookings on your behalf. Sure, it makes admin work easier for you, as you will be concentrating on cleaning ovens. But, in the end, are these really your bookings? Are they your clients? And, most importantly, are the quoted prices optimal for your profitability? More on that later.

Part of our training to get you started with your own oven cleaning business is to teach you the ins and outs of all the admin work, how to deal with bookings and how to organise your time optimally. It isn’t as convenient as having someone else doing it, but your clients and bookings will be 100% yours.

Oven cleaning franchise Pricing policy

In a franchise, the service prices are decided by the brand and are usually universal across all the areas where the brand operates. A Big Mac in McDonalds has the same price in London, Sheffield and Norwich, but is the living cost the same in all these areas?

When you own your business, your pricing is decided by you and only you. Of course we provide you with guidance on how to price your services, but you are free to decrease or increase your prices when and if you see fit. You are free to decide your pricing policy according to any market fluctuations you want to account for or any business decisions you make for the area you serve.

Oven cleaning business without franchise limitations

Oven cleaning franchise – Territory limitations

Due to the oven cleaning franchise’s nature, your area is defined and assigned by the franchise. Relocation or expansion to a different territory is dependent on (and often limited by) the franchise’s operations in the area.

When the business is yours, there are no limitations as to which area you will be working in. You can relocate or expand anywhere you wish without any limitations.

Oven cleaning franchise contractual obligations

As with all franchises, when you buy an oven cleaning franchise you are bound by an agreement, for a minimum period of time. This means there is a contractual obligation by the franchisee (you) to follow the system provided by the franchisor (company) to the letter. In that case, can you really say you’re your own boss?

When you own your oven cleaning company, you are bound by nothing else, apart from your dedication and determination to work and earn.

Oven cleaning franchise vs Own Business: we wave a winner!

Oven cleaning franchise vs Own Business

We think there’s a clear winner here. Starting your own business will:

  • give you great flexibility
  • allow you to steer your company to the direction you want
  • control your pricing as you see fit
  • work for yourself instead of promoting a brand
  • centre the interest of your marketing efforts where you want, and
  • rid you of any aspects that you can’t control, contrary to an oven cleaning franchise

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