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Electric Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

3kW – 6kW, 100°C in 45 – 75 minutes

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

Electric 3kW - 6kW

With The King Academy the electric oven cleaning dip tank is perfect for the professional oven cleaner.

Manufactured from 2mm gauge 304 grade double wall insulated stainless steel, with a polished finish, with top quality construction and build this tank will provide many many years of problem free use.

Strong and secure clamps prevent liquid leaking during transit. The tank feature handles on top of the lid so you do not get burned by steam when removing the lid from a hot tank.

The King Academy tank is currently available in gas power or electric power. The steel construction allows for higher heat than plastic / polymer tanks.
The dip tank can also be supplied with a removable dip tank work area that has been prefabricated to fit into any van.


  • Lift off the lid without steam scalding your arms
  • Easy drain system, to make cleaning out easier
  • Safety pressure relief valve
  • Easy access to burner to light the gas
  • Thick 2mm gauge 304 grade double wall stainless steel
  • 3-6kW Elements with thermostat

Included with the tank

  • 1x or 2x 3kW Electrical Element

Stainless Steel Tank for 100°C Heating

Most plastic tanks currently on the market can typically only heat up to around 80°C.

Our tanks are made from 2mm 304 grade marine stainless steel, allowing heating of up to 100°C.

This extra heat is great for removing that really tough grime and carbon deposits that 80 degree heat might not shift!

The tank is insulated to both speed up the heating process and to ensure that the water stays hot for longer.

Heat Resistant, Sealed Lid

The tank lid is also made from 2mm 304 grade marine stainless steel, allowing heating of up to 100°C. This extra heat is great for removing that really tough grime and carbon deposits that 80 degree heat might not shift!

The lid has a Neoprene seal allowing it to form a water tight barrier when closed and clamped.

The safety pressure release will ensure that steam and pressure can escape while the lid is locked down if needed. This will happen automatically at a certain pressure and can also be triggered manually.

The lid is hinged with a locking arm to keep it open while you use the tank.

1x or 2x 3kW Electrical Element (with thermostat)

The electric Dip Tank can be supplied with single or dual elements.

A single element should heat your tank to 100° in around 1.5 hours. Double elements will do this in about half that time.

These high quality elements are not made of copper like a standard heating element, they are made of high quality durable stainless steel to extend their life. An adjustable thermostat is included (we pre-configure the temperature for optimal usage for you).

The unit is supplied with RCD (circuit breakers) to ensure the safety of the operator, bystanders and the customer against electrical faults or surges.


The elements are protected by a removable filter mesh.

The mesh will help reduce the chance of impacts to the element when lifting pieces into and out of the tank and also keep some of the grime away from the elements.

It is easy to remove, clean and replace.

Drain and Pressure Relief Valve

Easy Drain

You can reuse the water / chemicals in your dip tank for several weeks. When it is time to change the contents or if you wish to leave it dry for a while, then emptying it is easy.

When you have finished with the water in the tank you simply need to open the easy to reach tap on the bottom of the unit.

Just make sure the drain pipe is over a suitable location to dispose of the liquid, use the extension pipe where required and you are good to go!


The oven cleaning dip tank is also fitted with a pressure release valve.

For safety whilst heating the tank, if the pressure gets too high it is released even if you haven’t released the clips. Unlike some other tank systems you do not have to remember to manually open a tap to release pressure

Training and Extras

The King Academy provide training for oven cleaning and the use of the gas powered dip tank.

If you select our Start Up or Start Up Extra packages, the dip tank will be installed into your van with a removal work area as part of the package. Have a look at our oven cleaning training courses pricelist for more details on costs.

Custom work area and tanks may be available on request. Get in touch with your questions or specifications to find out more.

Check our training testimonials. You can also follow our social media to keep up-to-date with updates.

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“Great dip tank, got it as part of the training course that The King Academy offer. It has done me well over the last few months and will do me very well into the future.. its a solid bit of kit”

“Solid bit of kit, so glad I found The King Academy as they are a very good alternative to other providers of this kit and a lot closer to home for me!”

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