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A successful business can only be achieved with the right start, and that is exactly what I got with training from The King Academy.

Towards the end of 2019, my retail business within the rag trade was suffering significantly. It was declining to the stage where I was making losses, not only financially but also in terms of precious time with my family. I decided that I had to make some changes, so I began looking at possible business opportunities including franchises. The industry that appealed to me the most was oven cleaning, a business that doesn’t rely on a physical high street presence, that would allow me to get out and about and meet new people on a daily basis. There are a number of oven cleaning franchises available, but I knew that this was not the best option for me. A franchise didn’t offer me the flexibility that I wanted, my own company name, my own company branding, my own company reputation and, most importantly, no restrictions on company growth!


Knowing that a franchise was not an option for me, I found The King Academy. Offering me training within the industry and a business start up package that included the design of my company branding, my own company website, business cards and flyers, I felt confident that this would definitely work. I began my four day training with Daryl and his team at their Training Centre in Bournemouth. With my training complete, I left The King Academy in my Oven Doctor branded van with a smile on my face, looking forward to the future.

Within a few days I was cleaning ovens for friends and family, pushing the marketing with flyers and social media postings. I also invested in a small pay per click advertising campaign on Google. Within three months of completing my training with The King Academy I was exactly at the place Daryl told me I would be, earning in excess of what was mentioned in the final presentation. Business was getting busier and by June it was going so well that I had to purchase a second van, hire an employee and arrange for his training with The King Academy. But it didn’t stop there! On September 2020, I had the third van being prepared by The King Academy, all sign written and with the dip tank installed in their usual quality workmanship.


The business is still going from strength to strength; despite the global slowdown that Covid brought, June 2021 has seen my company taking delivery of our fourth Oven Doctor van!

I cannot thank The King Academy’s team enough. They have been a key part on my successful business journey. They helped me in my first steps, delivered more than what they advertised this business would offer me and enabled me to build a work/life balance that suits me and my family. I opted in for their Membership for the amazing 20% discount in their chemicals that I now buy from their Gleamking shop, as well as the customer support and business back up that they provide, which is second to none.


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