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Thank you for making contact with me it is nice to hear from you, just to give you a full update since my last testimonial as mentioned before the business is really going well and I have got myself to the optimum of jobs that I want to carry out daily which is three jobs, I am doing this five a days a week to keep a satisfactory work life balance, but this is clearing me in the region of 1200 Euros a week.

I am doing all this and only covering the north side of Dublin which works well for me, to cover a wider area I would need to take on another van which not ready to do just yet.

At the beginning of my changing career, my life wasn’t as it should be. I was working as an account manager for Eircom. One day I booked an oven cleaner to come clean my oven. While he was doing the clean I observed the process and the tools he was using and I thought to myself “I could do that”! It seemed to me that this could be quite a profitable job too, judging by what I paid him. As soon as the oven cleaner left, I started my research online.

There isn’t a company in Dublin (or maybe in Ireland) that does training, so my next place to look for was England. After some searching, I discovered The King Academy. Their packages are the most complete in the market, and for me represent the best value for what you pay. Also I really like that there are no limitations as they are not selling a franchise. I called Daryl to discuss further and after a very interesting chat, I booked my course on the same day.

After I finished my training and returned back home, I was expecting the job to start increasing within a couple of years. How wrong I was! Within two months I was fully booked all week, every single week! I’ve been busy ever since.

The training process was great and thorough. Back then The King Academy didn’t provide the 5 day course where the Hide & Slide ovens are included. If I was starting again today, I’d definitely go for that as the Hide & Slide ovens are becoming more and more common and they need special training to tackle, so I would recommend you to do it without a second thought as it will pay back (besides, the difference in cost is very small, so it’s well worth it).

I’d say that the Covid situation affected me for maybe the first 2 months, as it happened with so many other businesses. After that, work went back to normal. If anything, I’d say I was actually busier than before the lockdowns started.

Right now I work only 5 days a week, start at 10, clean only 3 ovens a day and am back home by 5pm. I am really happy with what I am earning and the hours I work. During November and December I change to 6 days a week with 4-5 ovens a day, as the money is too good to say no, but I really like that this is my choice. I am working for myself, decide my own hours get repeat customers and the more work I put in the more I get paid. What more could you want from a business? I could not be happier and I do not exaggerate when I say that my training with The King Academy has changed my life!


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