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The King Academy and OvenKing are offering you the chance to start a hugely successful and profitable business in a growing marketplace with the added benefit of full training, backup and support from our team

No restrictions on territory

No franchise management fees

Full training and ongoing support

Work / Life balance

All tools and chemicals to get you started

Website and marketing materials

Add all this to our proven business model and you have a recipe for success

” Work for yourself, not by yourself “

Earn over £50,000 a year / £1000 a week

With a cleaning business you can earn from £1000 a week, everything you earn you get to take home.

Once you have your van and tools, there are very low overheads.

Fancy earning more?

Ovens, Carpets, Upholstery, Jet washing!

Just add more services to your offering and you can easily push that to £1500 a week.

Cheaper and more flexible than a franchise

If you have looked around you will have seen that a franchise can cost you tens of thousands of pounds to start up.

We can provide you with all the tools and training you will need to start your own successful cleaning business for a fraction of the cost of a franchise.

  • Lower start-up costs
  • Lower or zero membership / maintenance costs
  • No forced purchases for tools or chemicals
  • Discounts on future purchases
  • Discounts on future courses

In a dilemma? Read our analysis about Oven cleaning franchise vs Own Business


Save £££s on monthly fees / membership

Franchises don’t just charge £15,000 + to start you up. They also typically charge you hundreds of pounds a month to remain a franchise.

Our optional monthly membership is just £50 and provides great benefits including:

Discounts on future courses

Leads and Quote requests

Discounts on chemicals and tools

A place in our online directory

Support Forums

Deals on public liability insurance

Be your own boss – Set your own hours

Owning your own business will allow you the freedom to set your own hours.

Don’t want to work next Thursday?

Don’t book any jobs for that day and you can be with your family, on the golf course or wherever you wish to be!

Saving up for a holiday?

Work into the evening or Saturday and Sunday when it suits you!

There are no targets except those you set yourself.

Freedom to choose your own customers and products

With our training you are under no obligations to take on specific customers or use and purchase specific tools and chemicals.

We do sell a professional, affordable range of cleaning products under our GleamKing brand and other members special discounts, however if you want to use something else you can.

Beware of other courses and franchises that may force you to buy their products only!

Your own brand – Your own name

Our Start-up Extra packages include:

  • Your corporate image
  • Company branding
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Van livery

We work with you to create a brand that you will love – and so will your customers.

Brand your business with you own name and image rather than someone else’s.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what some of our past trainees have to say …


For the past 4 years I’ve been slowly looking into the Oven Cleaning industry, mostly at night with a tablet, whilst early ideas were to look into national brands, a joining fee of over £10,000 plus purchasing my own van and having a moral debt to the company not to mention sharing my earnings back with them kept the idea as just that.

I stumbled across Oven King one evening and straight away saw the costs drastically cut, no contracts or ongoing fees and what looked like a short sharp exposure to the industry got my aspirations dusted off and becoming a reality …


Having spent a lot of time researching Oven Cleaning Franchises and other training providers it was obvious once I had spoken to Daryl at OvenKing that his training package was without doubt the best by far. I would say to anyone looking to start up in this business do not under any circumstances buy a franchise, all you need is the four day start up extra and you have everything that you need with no limits on area’s and you will most certainly have all the confidence you need to go it alone.

… whole course was very informative from the cleaning aspect through to marketing, managing your website and how best to run your business …

We can train you to clean ovens and a wide range of domestic kitchen appliances



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